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Bridal Shower Fun and Games

If you looking for ways to make the shower and fun one then here are some tips and tricks you might find useful.


Here are some of the most popular themes for modern wedding showers.

Bridal Shower Themes - Chocolate

Is the bride a member of the Chocolate of the Month Club? If she is a real chocolate lover then throwing a chocolate themed bridal shower may be a fun idea.

How do you know if your guest of honor is a real chocolate lover? Have her make a list of the top ten things she can't live without. If chocolate is in the top five then you know you got a chocolate addict on your hands. At this point it is safe to say that she will love the idea. This is also a good way to come up with a theme for the bridal shower if you're stumped.


Country Bridal Shower

Do you have a country girl on your hands? Does the bride-to-be have a penchant for the Old West? Then consider throwing her a country themed bridal shower.

Let the guest of honor be herself with you and her closest friends and family. If you have a large guest list you may want to rent a reception hall, this will give you plenty of room if your guests want to get out on the dance floor.


Summer Bridal Shower Theme

No matter where you're planning on hosting the party indoors or in your backyard the Summer months afford you a lot of opportunities for shower themes. Unless you're throwing a surprise party for the bride you will want to ask the bride what she prefers.


Food & Festivities

Bridal Shower Cakes - Ideas for the perfect cake

Part of the fun of throwing a shower is enjoying a delicious cake! (At least for me - ssh, don't tell anyone!) You may be sitting there right now asking you're self what type of cake to serve. If you are we've put together a selection of different bridal shower cakes to peak your apatite. Enjoy!


Bridal Shower Games

Looking for some fun games for your shower regardless of the guest's age? Good, because we've put together a list that is sure to bring plenty of laughs and maybe a few tears. (But only from laughing so hard.)

This page gives you ideas for organizing fun games that will appeal to a wide range of attendees. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list of the Top 10 shower games!


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