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Bridal Shower Games

Looking for some fun games for your shower regardless of the guest's age? Good, because we've put together a list that is sure to bring plenty of laughs and maybe a few tears. (But only from laughing so hard.)

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Need more ideas? Try these fun games.

Top Ten Bridal Shower Games

1. Two Truths and a Lie

This game is great for the start of the party. First it gives all of your guests a chance to get to know one another and secondly it helps set the stage for a fun and memorable party. Have everyone at the party tell three things about themselves after they say give their name. Two of the things they share are true, the other is false. Then have everyone shout which "truth" they believe to be a lie.

2. Cotton Head

Here is a silly but fun game that everyone will enjoy. You will need a bowl, a bag of cotton balls and a wooden spoon. Oh, and to make it even more enjoyable, at least for the audience, a blindfold. Place a chair in the middle of the room and have each guest take turns trying to stack cotton balls on their head. The person able to stack the most cotton balls on their head wins the game. Give the winner a small prize.

Prizes do not have to be complicated or expensive, they can be small, with certain games having bigger prizes than others. These prizes are usually used to get more people to participate in the sillier games. As long as they are presented well even a gift bag filled with snacks or small cosmetic or personal hygiene samples like shampoos and lotions can be a fun prize.

3. Toilet Paper Gowns

Depending on the number of guest you have in attendance you may need to change the number of people you have on a team. A good rule of thumb is to have three people per team. Two to dress the "bride" and one to act as the bride. This game takes a little longer since you need to give the teams a chance to style the bride. Twenty minutes is usually enough. Once everyone is dressed let the guests vote on the best and funniest dresses. Sometimes this is the same dress. In either case give the winners a prize.

4. The Clothespin Game

This is a game that runs the entire time of the party, it isn't until the end that a winner is crowned. There are two ways to play, first is the traditional leg cross variant. The other is the "buzz word" style and it takes a little more effort on the participants part. Let's start with the latter.

To play the clothespin game with "buzz words" you will need to choose a word. This can be a simple word like bride, groom, or wedding, but they can also be the bride's name, etc. It doesn't matter. When one of the guests says the buzz word (if she is caught) she has to give up her clothespin.

The other version has the guest lose her clothespin when she crosses her legs.

5. The Door Prize Drawing

Sometimes people won't want to participate in the games, this is fine, but don't make them feel left out when it comes to winning fun prizes. Have everybody at the party write down there birth date or wedding anniversary when they come in. Then at the end of the party award the person with the closest date to the wedding date a prize.

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When you send your invitations to your guest include a separate card printed on stable card stock. This card has printing on one side that says, "Please share your favorite memory of the bride or groom."

When everyone is gathered together, usually after cake, everyone stands up and reads their memory to the other guests. This is a vary sentimental game, have the maid of honor collect the responses so they can be saved in a photo album for the bride.

7. My Famous Romance

Here is a game that you guest may not have been expecting. Collect a number of famous romances, they can be real or fictional, the only requirement is that they are well know. For example if you chose Marge and Homer Simpson you would write their names down on two name tags. When your guests come in place a name tag on their back so that everyone else can see it, but make sure they cannot. Over the course of the party the guest will go around and try and figure out who they are with simple questions. The first person to find their partner and completes the "couple" wins the game.

8. Bride Q and A

Put together a list of questions about the couple. Questions that the guest of honor should know. An example: "When is the groom's brith day?", "When did the bride learn to ride a bike?" or "Did the groom ever have a pet?" You get the idea, now after the bride has finished unwrapping her gifts have one of the guest or the mother of the bride give interview. The answers, while not always correct are often very humorous.

Another variant of this game asks the guests to write down their questions. Don't worry if the bride doesn't answer them all correctly, how well would we do in the spotlight?

9. Mother of the Bride

A variant of the Bride Q and A is to have the bride interview her mother. This is usually a good follow up game to number 8. Remember if you choose this game as a follow up to 8 you will need to have the maid of honor coordinate with the bride.

10. Bridal Bouquet

You will need to make or buy a bouquet out of flowers. If you remember musical chairs you will know how to play this game. Have the guests sit in a circle, while someone is chosen to handle the music. While the music is playing your guests will pass the bouquet to one another. When the music stops the person holding the bouquet is out. Continue playing until there is on one guest left. Give the winner the a small prize. The bouquet is given to the player that came in second.

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Honorable Mentions

Spacial Day

This isn't for everyone, but it has become more common with modern bridal showers. It technically isn't a game, but some make it into one. Depending on your budget you can choose to book a room at a local spa or assign a room of your home to act as one. If you choose to have it at your home tell the bridesmaids to bring fun creams and other supplies with them. Then give your guests the spa treatment, it is a fun way to relax and enjoy each other's company. Ask each of the guests to contribute so you can present the bride with a gift certificate to a local spa.

Look Lingerie

If you've decided to throw a lingerie bridal shower this is a fun game to play. As the bride opens her gifts have the maid of honor secretly write down what she says. Once she is finished unwrapping the gifts have the maid of honor stand up and read the list off for the guests. This is always a fun and sometimes embarrassing moment (at least for the guest of honor).

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