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Bridal Shower Cakes - Ideas for the perfect cake

Part of the fun of throwing a shower is enjoying a delicious cake! (At least for me - ssh, don't tell anyone!) You may be sitting there right now asking you're self what type of cake to serve. If you are we've put together a selection of different bridal shower cakes to peak your apatite. Enjoy!

The zesty lemon confection

Are you throwing a bridal shower in the warm months? Depending on where you live you might want to consider something fresh and this zesty like a lemon cake. Learn more about planning a summer bridal shower.

I was thinking. . . Pastels?

Do you have a certain color theme in mind for your shower? If you don't forget to color coordinate your desert. This beautiful treat to the left is almost too good to eat. But it shows just how creative you can be when it comes to throwing a shower the girls will be talking about for years to come..

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Nougat cream cakes

It's a celebration, that means you get to treat yourself and your guests. Why not do that with a cake that you won't find at any old party. One such cake is the crowd pleasing nougat.

Looking for an easy and elegant gift for the future bride? Nougat also make a wonderful gift. It is more exotic than chocolate and it goes over great at showers. My personal favorites are Walters Assorted Honey Nougat Gift Box and La Florentine Torrone.

The formal shower

Going formal? If you are this is one of the easiest cakes to choose, since they have a very distinctive elegant look. You will definitely know a formal bridal shower cake when you see it. These are also one of the easiest cake types to server since these are usually purchased from a baker. If you want to bake one yourself I would suggest a book like "Bake It Like You Mean It" from Gesine Bullock-Prado. Gesine, a Vermont native, makes the impossible not only seam possible but also achievable with these easy to follow recipes.

The country shower

One of my absolute favorite types of shower theme is the country bridal shower. Another excellent part of these showers is the delicious cake. I strongly recommend serving the cherry cake. They're easy to bake and most importantly they are mouthwatering delicious. These recipes will give you a head start.

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The chocolate cake

Chocolate cake. . . Do I need to say more? It is easily one of the most bake cakes the world over. It's delicious, moist and most importantly a hit for even the pickiest of eaters. It also fits well if you choose to throw a chocolate themed bridal shower. Who would have guessed?

Don't forget the cup cake

You can decorate them for any theme, they're easy to handle and you can quickly create a wide variety with little effort. So when you're planning your shower don't forget the lovable little cup cake.

Fancy fall cakes

Fall is a beautiful time for weddings not to mention showers. Planning a cake around this time of the year is not only fun but it affords you a lot of creative possibilities. Just think about the color options and falvors you're able to combine. Yum!

Cute and delicious cakes

Sometimes it doesn't matter what type of cake it is as long as it is cute and fun. This cake is tempting regardless of the flavor. Besides that they are very fun to bake and decorate. Again the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Planning a large shower?

Why not go all out and serve a cake that matches the occasion. This trendy cake will not only impress your guests, but it will also feed a small army of: sisters, mothers (current and future), cousins, aunts and friends! Do you need help planning your bridal shower? We have tips and information that will make the day fun and relaxing, just the way it should be.

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