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Bridal Shower History

What you know today as the bridal shower was once closely bound to dowry practices of old. It is very likely an artifact of the parties poor women may have celebrated in order to acquire the necessary means to marry, or when a father disproved of his daughter's union and refused to pay a dowry.

In situations like this, the woman's friends, mother and aunts would gather together in a show of support. They would bring gifts and other assets that would allow the young bride-to-be to marry the man of her choice. Talk about girl power. While this may seem trivial today, defying her father's wishes was a difficult and challenging task for a young woman hundreds of years ago.

The bridal shower parties of today can be traced back to the mid 1800's. Though you will frequently read accounts that they go back as far as the 1500 to 1600 hundreds. These however, are most likely legends. Though there is surely some sort of practice that laid the frame work for today's bridal shower's they were likely much different.

Today your imagination is the only limit when it comes to throwing a party. There aren't any rules when it comes to throwing a shower, however, men are generally not invited. Still this tradition has slowly been abandoned in the last ten to fifteen years ushering in the modern bridal shower. Though you may have a hard time getting a man to attend a traditional shower. Many couples have begun throwing couples showers. This type of party has much of the same design as a classic bridal shower with the couple as guests of honor.

Pamela Thomas' book "Wedding Showers for Couples" is an enjoyable and informative read with many party ideas. It's a well laid out resources that takes you through the different steps needed to make this party a hit.

Would you like to learn more about bridal shower? This wikipedia article has some additional information you may find interesting.

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